Getting Started

The idea of getting rid of all our clutter can be overwhelming. It's funny because the clutter occured because we were overwhelmed. There's a point where all of us have too much to handle and parts of us shut down. We are less present and not capable of taking care of everything. We get more behind and things pile up. We are aware of what's happening, but aren't capable of taking care of it.

Where do we get started? By taking a few minutes to look around. Stop and take a tour. Quietly walk over to the area that is the most cluttered. There's nothing to do right now. It's just looking. Imagine this was in a museum. In the Museum of Modern Art. People have been standing in lines to see this work of art. It is pretty creative. It's a mosaic. Some parts are taller than others. Look at the way it jutties out to the side. This must have taken a long time to build. Maybe it's like a series of stalactites and stalagmites in a cave. What if you were to sell this on eBay? What could you get for it? You feel like you're ready to let it go.

Get out a trash bag. Walk around this creative work of yours and see if you can pick out a few items that obviously aren't necessary. Maybe there's something from a couple of years ago. You see that some of it is definitely trash. Whittle away at this structure. Active curiosity is very healthy. Look at each piece of this assemblage with awareness. You'll find yourself automatically plucking away pieces of the clutter. It feels good to clear the space. You feel an integral part of yourself coming back. There's a vitality coming into you that you've been missing. It's so nice to have you back!