What Do I Do With Gifts That I Don't Like?

When we give a gift to someone, there's a chance they may not like it. If we knew they didn't like it, we wouldn't want them to keep it.

The funny thing is when we get a gift from someone that we don't like, we often hang onto it. I have many clients that hang onto gifts that they dislike. When they hold it in their hands they look like they are in pain. When I ask them if they can let it go they often say no because they are worried that the person who gave it to them will know they threw it out and be hurt or angry.

I ask them, "If your friend knew you feel this way about the gift, do you think they would be okay about your letting it go?" Sometimes people say yes and let it go.

Sometimes they still hang onto the clutter. They'll say, "What if they come over and ask where it is?"

I say, "Your home is the one place you can control in your life. You decide what stays in it and what goes. Our homes are our places of recovery from the day. We can relax here and rebuild our strength. But if there are things in our home that bring us discomfort, then this defeats the reason we have a home. This is the place where you come first. Nothing can stay in your home that doesn't serve you. You don't like this thing your friend gave you. You wouldn't buy if you were looking at in a store today. We don't live to make others happy and ourselves miserable. It's okay to say no."

It's okay for you to say no.

You can donate the item. You can give it back to the person and tell them you don't like it. You may feel a little embarassed, but if it's a good friendship, the honesty can deepen the connection. And it gives your friend the opportunity to know more about you.