Opening Up To Letting Go

I worked with her a few weeks ago. At that time she was feeling very emotional. I helped her question each item that we went through in her home. She had strong emotional attachment to many of her things. She cried more than a few times. It was difficult for her because her she believed her happiness was dependent on her having things. I told her that her happiness is a natural part of herself. It's with her all the time. I gets lost to her awareness when she is emotionally overwhelmed. She saw that holding onto things that did not serve her was not making her happy. This allowed her to feel good about the letting go.

I worked with her again yesterday. She told me, "The last time you came here I was depressed and scared about getting rid of my clutter, but this time I'm angry that I still have clutter and I really want to get rid of it." The emotional unconscious grip was gone. She saw what it had done to her life and she didn't want to live that way anymore. She wanted to be free.

This time around the letting go was straight forward and simple. She did a lot of it on her own without my having to constantly question her about each thing. She looked and felt stronger. She was self-reliant. This quality is within us and it's the one thing that makes us happy.