Take A Look Around

As you sit at your computer, take a look around at your surroundings. Let's look for things that are not part of your life. This is just like going through your refrigerator and finding old food and throwing it out. What's sitting there in front of you that you can throw out now? Go ahead and toss it. Keep going. What else can you find?

Can you find things that can be taken care of now? Taking care of things is similar to throwing them out because you no longer have to take up space in your mind's hard drive thinking about them. Is there a phone call you have to make? Are there emails you need to respond to or send? How about emails you can delete?

One thing lead to another. When we take care of one thing, we get back more of our clarity. When we have our clarity our awareness gets restored. We know what comes next. Our peace of mind returns. A natural sense of fun returns to our lives. We lose the need for distractions. Let's see what happens with you by doing this. Feel free to email me and share your experiences.