Why She Had Trouble Sleeping

Her bed was surrounded by clutter. Her bed stand was overflowing with papers and books and miscellaneous items. There was a huge TV at the foot of her bed. There was a cubbyhole cabinet on the other side of her bed. It was stuffed with papers. She said she didn't like being in this room because she felt agitated.

I had her sit on the bed. I took one small stack of things at a time and put them on the bed next to her. I kindly encouraged her to go through each piece. Most of it went into a recycling bag. Stack after stack went into that bag. There were a lot of receipts that were so old you couldn't read the numbers.

She had resistance when we first started, but as we continued she got into the flow of letting go. It's amazing how when we really take an easy and slow and honest look at our things it becomes obvious what is no longer serving us. We are letting ourselves become aware again. It's a healthy place to be.

When we were done, she had filled five bags of paper trash. She also had two bags of books that she was going to donate to the library. We also carried out the cubbyhole cabinet to the alley behind her place. On her own she decided to take the TV out of the room. She was relishing the feeling of peace of mind and didn't want anything to disturb it.

It didn't take very long to clear the space. And when it was over she had more energy than when she started. I encourage you to take an honest look at a place in your home or work space. Take a slow look around. See what doesn't need to be there. Your mind is like a broom that is sweeping up. You deserve the peace of mind you'll get.