Clogs In Your Living Space

I was working with a client this weekend whose home office was clogged. She didn't like walking into her office. Once in there she looked like she was having a hard time breathing and she trembled.

Clutter is where the clog is. For her the clog was in the room and in her. Her reaction was to avoid the room and herself. By avoiding herself I mean to not see the effect the clutter situation was having on her and not take care of the situation.

She told me that the room had been like that for a few years. I said, "Great, let's start Clutter Busting!" She was stunned by my enthusiasm. Resistance is one direction. Enthusiasm is the other way. You may experience this yourself when you start to let go of the clutter in a clogged area.

We made quick decisions. I asked her, "Is this something you need or can we let this go?" She was surprised to often find herself saying, "No, I don't need that." As more things went, the momentum was building. She was saying no with more confidence. As the clog goes, the flow returns.

When we were done she looked like a sick person who got well in a few minutes. The color was back in her face and her voice had strength. She even stood taller.

Sit quietly and think about your living space. Where is the clog? What area feels constricted? What area(s) do you avoid? When you think about the space how does it feel in your body? What you feel is the clog. It's unhealthy to live with that constriction in you. This is a really good time to go to that area with a trash bag and ask yourself the honest questions. You have it in you to fix your life. It's an innate and intuitive part of you. It's natural for you to feel good.