Space Matters

So much of our living space is filled to the brim and blockaded by clutter. Our culture has a big thirst for things. It's hard to not want more things and get them and bring them home. We are past the feeling of being full.

What I have noticed when I first get to my client's homes is that they are not happier with all this stuff. They are uncomfortable and unhappy. Many of their homes are like storage lockers. They can't relax in their living space.

What I notice is as the clients let go of those things that no longer serve them they start to feel happy again. As they gain more open space they feel more joy. It turns out that space matters. Space supports peace of mind. Open space allows one to breathe easier. The mind gets quieter. There is a feeling of fulfillment.

The idea that you need things to be happy is fading away. It's an old concept. It doesn't work anymore. Things have excitement factors built into them, but that feeling fades within a few minutes. It turns out that the simpler your life is, the more joy you feel.

What would you like to let go of today that would bring more relief to your life? What allows you to breathe easier? What would make your heart beat slower? What would cause your body to relax?