It's Your Space: Find It, Clear It, Use It

Space is something we feel. It's there. We are present in it.

When our living space is uncluttered it has a calming effect. It's like sitting in a tub of warm water. Our mind becomes clear. We can feel the natural rhythm of our breath. We are aware of our intuition. We don't need anything. The feeling of presence is enough.

When our space is filled up with things that aren't serving us our space becomes chaotic. It has a discordant effect on our body and mind. It's hard to think clearly in this kind of environment. There's no space in our mind. There is a constant feeling of things being wrong. The agitation makes us want something to make us feel better.

I was working with a client in her office recently. There were many stacks of clutter in this space. She couldn't sit still. She felt so uncomfortable that she didn't want to be there. She lived right off the lake so I said, "It must be nice living by the water." She relaxed and talked about sitting on the deck and watching the waves. I said, "That feeling you have about the water, you can have about this room. Once we get the agitating clutter out of here you're going to feel better." She understood and we began the tossing. When we were done and the clutter was in the trash outside we sat in the room. I said, "How does the space feel?" She said, "Oh, my God, I can't believe how relaxed I am!"

Our space is our greatest asset. When we tend to it, it rewards us with the one thing we are always looking for, our peace of mind.