Helping Her Make Space For Her Life

I recently helped Clutter Bust a home office space for a client. All of her desk space was filled with papers, books, electronics, plastic bags filled with various items. The first thing I noticed is she had two computers. I asked her if she used both. She told me the second one was once used by her son, but he had been in college for two years. It was turned on but wasn't being used by anyone. She agreed to let me turn it off and remove it from the desk. She called the person who had lent it to her son many years ago and he agreed to come by and pick it up.

We went through the papers. Most of them were her son's high school papers. They were all tossed. The books were put in boxes for donation. The rest of the items were either tossed or added to the donation boxes. When were were done we used spray cleaning to wipe off the surface of the desk. There was a newness that was present. She noticed the fresh feeling. She was happy to have the space back.

Are there areas of your living space that are occupied by the past? Maybe at one point they were important to you. You might be hanging onto them as a way of honoring your memories. I found the thing that makes people the happiest is to take care of their life that is occurring now. Taking care of now brings vitality and joy into your daily activities. Even simple tasks feel good and supportive. Your life is definitely a garden and when you tend to it your life rewards you. I encourage you to take the step to being present in your life.