Taking Care of Papers

Paper is the most common form of clutter. Many of my clients are inundated with paper. It piles up as unread mail and magazine articles and articles downloaded from the Internet and more on their kitchen or living room table, or by their bed on the night stands, or at their desk, and even on the floor. They look like weeds growing rampant in a garden.

It is difficult to get my clients to sit down and start to go through the papers. But once we do start to something clicks in them: their natural discriminating powers return to support them. It takes a little push, having me sit next to them with a recycling bin and asking "do you need this or can we let it go?" But once they get going they start to feel powerful again. This is an encouragement for you to start up your discriminating engine and move forward. Anything can seem daunting when you are aware of it but are not taking action. There is strength, intelligence and joy in doing what needs to be done.

I worked with a client this weekend. You couldn't see the floor of her office because it was covered with papers. She didn't even want to come into the room. I walked in with the recycling bin and sat on the floor in the midst of the paper storm. She was a little timid but came in too. I handed her one paper after another and asked her if she needed it or could she let it go. If she needed it I had her put it in a file in her filing cabinet. If there wasn't a file, I had her create one. After a short period of time she took over my job and asked the questions herself. She was bold and mighty and happy. When we were done she looked relieved.

Once it's done you can relax. Your mind doesn't think about the problem anymore. You feel peaceful. That is the source of your happiness.