How to Clutter Bust Your Library

Many of my clients have a library. This is their collection of books. Usually they are displayed in a bookshelf. Sometimes they are in boxes. At first there is some resistance to going through the books. It's common for people to have a strong attachment to their books. They see all of the volumes at once and a strong flood of memories rises up in them. I tell them that it's great that they enjoyed reading them and wouldn't it be amazing to have new books and other kinds of good experiences in the near future? "Let's make room for the new joys!"

Here's how you can do it. The first thing to do is take the books and make stacks on the floor. Then sit down on the floor and go through one book at a time. Ask yourself, "Am I going to read this again?" If you've never read it ask yourself, "If I were in a book store today would I buy this?" This also goes for books that were given to you as a gift. The great thing is you can donate the books to your local library. This allows others to enjoy them too. Going through one item at a time allows you to make an honest assessment of whether something serves you or does not.

When old things go it brings new space into your life. Space gives you peace of mind. Peace of mind is the one thing everyone wants. When you are peaceful you feel satisfied. It's a deep innate peacefulness that is who you essentially are. With this peace of mind you enjoy the things in your life that matter to you.

Best of luck to you with this one!