Training Your Awareness to See Clutter

I revisited a corporate client. We continued working with her files. She went through every paper in every file. We tossed at least a third of these papers. Some of them were over five years old. She was amazed at how many papers she didn't need.

This was the second time we worked together and she remarked at how much more quickly she tossed the clutter this time around. She was training her awareness to spot the things that were no longer a part of her work life.

As you practice letting go of the clutter in your living space you begin to find your intuitive clutter radar coming to life. You sense what no longer supports you. It's kind of like eating a meal and tasting some food that is spoiled. You know it immediatly. You don't need anyone to decide for you.

This time between Christmas and New Year's Day is a good time to take a closer inspection of the things in your life. You can start by sitting quietly in an area in your home or office that has been a problem for you. Have some trash bags at your side. Choose a space in the area and pick up one thing at a time. With your clutter radar sense ask if this thing is still important to you or can you let it go. The answer comes quietly as a yes or no. If it's no, let it go.

This is an opportunity to start fresh. It makes your life simple. From this good things come.