The Momentum From Starting

Clutter makes us tense. If there are things in our living space that are not serving us then it leaves us feeling out of sorts. We may not be staring right at them, but they are having a chaotic effect on us.

I was working with a gentleman yesterday who had stacks of papers covering most of his office floor. I had to be very careful of where I was walking so as not to trip over them. He was so tense in his office that he couldn't sit down. I suggested we start right in on the nearest stack. He didn't want to. He said the idea of it made him feel very uncomfortable. That's the power of clutter. It makes us feel so disturbed to be in its presence that to actually deal with it is overwhelming.

I said, "I know it bothers you. That's what this stuff does. If we take care of it, you'll feel better."

He said, "I understand what you are saying, but it makes me feel uncomfortable and I don't want to do it right now."

I said, "The amazing thing is if you were going through your refrigerator and you found some food that had spoiled, and it smelled and had mold on it, you'd throw it out. The stuff on your floor is spoiled. It blocks your movements, it takes up valuable space, and it makes you feel nauseous and irritable. It's affecting you in a bad way. Let's just start in on it. This will give us momentum to move forward so you don't have to live this way anymore."

He finally agreed to start in. We went through a good amount of stuff. He was surprised he was able to do it. He was feeling cheerful. He was making space for himself in his home.

Sometimes we avoid clutter to protect ourselves from the pain we feel in its presence. Unfortunately, this avoidance creates more pain. Based on my client's boldness, I'm asking you to find your own courage to begin to bust your clutter. A feeling of relief and strength will come over you as you start.