The Natural Ability to Let Go

It’s funny. My clients often ask me for permission to toss their things. They paid for their things; they own them, they can do with them as they like. But they are scared to let go of something useless because they have been taught that all these things have some kind of value, and that “having things” itself is valuable.

Once my clients let go of a few items, it becomes very freeing. They begin to comprehend the process and start tossing things before I get a chance to ask them questions. The ability to let go is a quality everyone possesses. It hasn’t been used in awhile so it needs a little warming up.

The other day I got a call from a woman who was present at a clutter busting talk I gave to a business group. She told me afterwards that after the talk she went to see her grandson. She told her grandson, “Today I heard a talk about clutter busting.”
The grandson asked, “What is clutter busting?” She said, “It's when people let go of the things they no longer need in their life.”

The little boy heard this and went to his toy chest and separated out the toys he no longer played with. He then told his grandmother that he didn’t use these particular toys anymore and he wanted them to go to kids that didn’t have any toys.

I guess letting go of anything that doesn't serve us is inherent in all of us.