A Story of the Power of Change

I was working with someone last weekend who recently went through a divorce, a move, a bankruptcy and a job change. He moved from a three bedroom home to a basement studio apartment. The moving boxes took up all the space. There was barely room to walk.

He was feeling down about himself. He couldn't make any decisions. I said to him, "Life has taken you through a major transformation. You are sad and overwhelmed and can't think straight. All you can do is start from scratch. You can make good decisions right now."

He felt better and we proceeded to go through everything in his living space. Four hours and 15 huge trash bags later he'd dug himself out of a hole. He ditched the things that didn't matter to him anymore. He looked like a new man.

I'm inspired by my clients. They show me that life changes in amazing ways. Things can look bleak one moment and in the next they can blaze in the brightest of ways.