The Things That Aren't Clutter

I talk a lot about what is clutter. But the main reason to spot the clutter in your life and let it go is that you really get to enjoy the things that matter to you.

There are things that make a difference in your life that are buried under the clutter. Often they are simple. This morning I was in a rush to exercise before I went off to clutter bust. I felt a little overwhelmed. But then as I was going out my back porch I was suddenly vividly aware of the beautiful view. The sun was reflecting off the snow on the tree branches. I got the same great and open feeling as when I look at a Van Gogh painting of trees.

Often times we acquire things in our lives to give us what we expect and hope to be a good feeling. It's our way of trying to control life. But there's no guarantee they will do that. Many times we get tricked. These things can become a burden.

The things that do matter in our life, the things that reach our hearts and make us feel good again are often an unplanned surprise. By eliminating the things that don't matter to us anymore, we increase the chances for the surprise to happen. By diminishing the distractions we get a better chance to experience joy.