Turning Down the Noise of Clutter

Clutter is noisy. Its presence in your space creates a chaotic disturbance that interferes with your peace of mind. It becomes hard to think clearly.

When I arrive at a clutter busting session most of my clients are stuck in negative thinking. The disorder in their space echoes in their minds. As they make decisions to toss the clutter, their clear thinking returns.

The great thing about having a quieter mind is that is the place solutions are born. A good intuitive thought can send you in a new and positive direction.

Try this out for yourself. Set aside a half hour. Try setting a timer if you have one. Notice your current state of thinking. Is it noisy? Are you agitated? Now pick an area that bothers you. Have bags for trash, charity and recycling by your side. Go through the area one piece at a time. Ask yourself, "Do I need this, or can I let it go?" If you can let it go, let it go.

When you are done with the half hour check in with yourself. How are you feeling now? Is your thinking quieter? Do you feel more positive? Are you feeling less tense?

If you like how you feel and you want to continue with the clutter busting, go for it!