How Her Clutter Was Standing in the Way of What She Wanted

A few years ago I was helping a client with her office. We were clutter busting a lot of the papers in her files. She seemed preoccupied. I asked her what she wanted in her life. She said that she wanted to have a family. She told me of her bad dating history.

I intuitively left her office, went to her bedroom and looked under her bed. There was an old beaten up leather suitcase laying directly under where she slept at night. I pulled it out and opened it up. The suitcase contained a bunch of old artifacts. I asked her what they were. She said they were remnant reminders of old boyfriends.

There was a broken peace pipe from a boyfriend who had died from a drug overdose. There was a painting done by an old boyfriend. I asked her if she liked it. She said no, but that she didn't want to let it go because when he died it would be worth a lot of money. The rest of belongings had similar heavy associations. She didn't want to let any of it go. I told her that this kind of clutter was keeping her from being in a healthy relationship that would give her the family she desired.

She cried and decided to let go of these attachments to her past.

I spoke with her a few weeks later. She told me that the night after we clutter busted, she went on a date with a new guy. They got along really well and planned to keep dating. Two years later they got married. They are a strong couple and are planning on having a family.

Sometimes we hold onto things because of our deep emotional attachments. We use our memories, hopes, fears, and ambitions to grip onto things that are no longer a part of our life. This hanging on prevents the natural flow of life. Change comes from an intuitive recognition that keeping the junk actually hurts us rather than helps us. We let these things go and we get our life back.