Making Choices to Live More Siimply

I worked with a couple whose garage was cluttered with exercise equipment. There was a rowing machine, Pilate's equipment, a rebounder, skis, weights, and more. They were tangled together like wires.

I asked the couple if they use them. They had a guilty look. They kept saying how they should be using them. I asked if they could let them go. They said they couldn't because it cost them a lot of money. That's a very common excuse. Even though someone no longer likes something, they want to hang onto it because it how much it cost them.

I asked them what kind of exercise they like to do. He said they don't exercise. She thought about it and said they like to take their dogs for a walk in the morning and evening in the hills behind their homes. I asked how long they walk for. They said an hour each time. I said that is exercise. They were quiet. They hadn't considered that.

I said that it's common to be swayed into buying things. Stuff looks exciting and flashy in the store. It's like you're hypnotized into making the purchase. Then you get home and it sits there and doesn't get used. Then you have the guilt of wasting your money on top of all that. Often the things we like are simple. They are things that come naturally to us. Walking the dogs was easy and fun and made them happy. And they got exercise.

I asked them again if they could let the tangled pile of exercise equipment go. They said yes. They called a local charity to come and pick it up. With the weight of clutter gone from their life they looked lighter, peaceful and younger.