Mental Clutter and How to Get Some Relief

Often my clients tell me their problems and there's a lot of emotional weight in their words. There's a personal over-involvement with the heavy things on their minds. It's as if a part of their hearts and minds are tangled up in a reactive knot. This is mental clutter. It's noisy and uses up a lot of energy and doesn't solve things. It's in their way of feeling better and bringing in new opportunities.

Here's an exercise you can do if you find yourself in this situation. List ten terrible things that are not happening in your life. It can be that you weren't in an auto accident today. Or that you didn't lose your eyesight. Perhaps your house didn't catch fire this morning. I know that's kind of an odd way of thinking. But a way of feeling relief and having a better perspective about your life now is to realize the bad things that aren't happening. They happened somewhere today, but they didn't happen to you. What a relief!