No Longer Needing to Be Noisy

We get used to having noisy lives. An excess of things is noisy. Their presence in our space is harsh and discordant. Living amongst these things that are not an essential part of our life makes us tired, moody and irritable. It also makes us hyper. We often mistake that as an energy that makes us get up and go. But it usually gets us involved in activities that are unproductive, draining and a waste of our time.

At some point this kind of living no longer makes sense. It becomes too uncomfortable to live that way anymore. Pain is a great motivator. It's nature's way of saying, "Let's try something else."

One of the great things about letting go of the unessential things in your living space is the palatable quietness it brings into your life. This Silence has a presence. It's comforting. It nourishes you. Neediness falls away and you feel content. The great thing is you didn't have to buy anything to make it happen. You didn't need something outside yourself to make you feel good.

Having the presence of space in your home brings more evenness into your personality. Your reactive nature that was once fueled by the presence of chaos in your home, subsides. Your body relaxes and you breath more easily. This peaceful way is your natural state. It's how you were made to operate. You feel right again.