Finding Emotional Clutter and Letting It Go

I got an email from one of my blog readers. It reads:

"You talk a lot about physical clutter. What about psychic clutter -- I mean emotional, non-physical clutter. How does one spot that kind of clutter -- and get rid of it?
Wondering in Evanston"

Let's shine a light on this kind of clutter so it no longer has a hiding place in us.

We have experiences every moment of the day. We have feelings about each thing we experience. If we are exhausted, or experience something greater than what we are used to, we don't have the capacity to be aware of the feeling and emotionally digest it. We become overloaded and some part of our operating system shuts down. Because there is less of us, our attention is automatically diverted elsewhere, often to something meaningless. We watch too much TV, or get involved with some useless information on the Internet, or go shopping when we don't need something, or do any other activity that puts us on autopilot.

The emotions are still there, but ignored. It takes a lot of energy to ignore this clutter. It exhausts the body and the mind. Imagine a crow flying in front of your face. Now imagine trying to ignore the crow. It would take a lot of effort. It would use up most of your resources. Everything suffers as a result of these intense, unresolved, and repetitious emotions.

It helps to also see that we consider thoughts and emotions to be an intrinsic part of ourselves. We don't have the usual space of awareness that we have with the things outside of us. It's easy to spot a pile of junk on the floor, but it's hard to have that kind of observable discrimination with a feeling of anger we carry in our heart.

By talking about it like this and starting to look within ourselves for the evidence, we begin to create a gap of space that brings the needed awareness to see those emotions. The observation gap between you and your emotions grows and this allows them to be felt and released. You become aware of strong emotions in yourself and you start to think, "Is this really all that important in my life, or can I let it go?

You can continue this process by picking a cluttered area of your home and doing the clutter busting process on the items in that area. As you go through the items, asking if you need it or can you let it go, you will become aware of strong emotions that rise to the surface of your awareness. You watch them come and they go. They are being freed. The physical clutter in this area got there because it was used as a distraction device to keep you from feeling these emotions. With the distraction gone, your life begins to flow in a healthy way again.