Changing the Way We Do Things

The new economy is changing a lot of people's feelings about their stuff. Previously it was common for people to buy lots of things. It was easy. There was a lot of money flowing around. Deep down people in general were purchasing things to make themselves feel better. They were unhappy and getting things gave them a quick though false short lived feeling of satisfaction.

Now that the economy has slowed, fewer purchases are being made and people are looking at all the things they have surrounded themselves with and are realizing they're not helping. Their stuff isn't providing them the joy they are seeking.

Once the culprit is spotted comes the desire to remove it. I'm hearing this theme in the talks I'm giving for my book. People are expressing their awareness that a number of the things in their lives are clutter and they want to know how to let them go. I've been encouraging them to use their natural courage to let these unnecessary things go.

I was working with a client yesterday when this came up. She told me that she can't stand her dining room table. It reminded her in a negative way of a previous marriage. Plus she and her daughter kept running into it by accident. She was resistant though about taking the steps to let it go. She was thinking she would have to find a new one before she got rid of this one. I told her once she lets this one go it will be replaced with peace of mind. She liked that idea. She asked her house keeper if she would buy it. She offered her a good price. Her housekeeper said yes. My client was instantly happy. She looked relieved.