Cutting Back

Last night at my clutter busting talk someone asked me about what causes procrastination. She wanted to know because she was having a hard time getting motivated to take care of projects that she had started. She felt that she was being lazy.

I asked her how many projects she was working on. She told me 8 or 9. She wasn't exactly sure. When she told me she looked exhausted. Her eyes were brimming with tears. I don't think she knew that though. She was so overwhelmed with all the things she was trying to push herself to do that she wasn't aware of the side effects.

I told her that it wasn't procrastination. It was a deep part of herself that realized she was running herself ragged and was trying to stop. I said it's a matter of stopping everything and being honest with herself about how she had taken on too much and needed rest. And then once she got her bearings back, taking a look at the projects and deciding which ones she really liked and which ones she could let go of.

There was a part of her that could see the situation she had gotten herself in. She was aware of her weariness. She was begining her clutter busting process.