Doing It Now

Tonight I'm giving a talk about my new book at the Bodhi Tree bookstore in Los Angeles. If you live here and have the time, come on over. It will be fun and you can ask clutter busting questions. It starts at 7:30.

Yesterday I was helping clutter bust a client in his home office. He was fretting about not having done his 2007 taxes. He told me that everyday he berated himself for not doing it. It was hard to watch someone be mean to themselves. So I said, "Let's do them now." He thought about it few a few seconds and he got peaceful. He said, "Okay".

We went through his expense totals on Excel and we added it up. He typed a letter to his tax person. I got him to put that letter and the expense amounts in an envelope. I made sure he addressed and stamped it. He was relieved. Sometimes clutter can be things that need to get done, but we keep putting off. I find it's good to skip the why we haven't done it and complete it now. It gives tremendous peace of mind.