Inner Clutter Causing Outer Clutter

Someone emailed me and asked, "How does inner clutter cause outer clutter, and how can we get in touch and identify the inner clutter causing the outer clutter in our homes?"

Inner clutter is anxiety, worry, and fear. It’s often about the future and it’s about things going badly. It’s also guilt about the past. It’s about blaming oneself or others for the way things went. It’s suffering. It’s the feeling that things should have gone, or should now go, or should in the future go in a particular way. It’s loud and it’s in people’s heads. It’s distracting and exhausting.

Because this inner clutter diminishes people, they can’t think as clearly and of course their actions will turn into outer clutter. People often shop when they feel out of sorts. They will bring home something that is not essential to their life. Many of the clothing items in my client's closets still have the sales tag on them. When questioned, these items often turn out to be clutter. I once worked with a woman who had so many pieces of clothing that she couldn't fit them all into her two big closets. We went through piece by piece and she let go of 75% of her clothing. She was stunned that she had at one time hung onto so many things that she had thought were important to her.

The way out of this is to look at your own life. Watch your thinking process. Listen to the things that you dwell about. See what kinds of actions this leads you into. Everything I talk about is a concept until you look into the way you live and see how this applies to the way you operate.