Removing Things in the Way of Your Life

I was standing in a client's living room. There was no place to sit. The couch was filled with a heaping pile of papers, junk mail and fast food containers. My client felt lethargic and was resistant to starting. I said, "Let's start here."

We went through one piece at a time. All of it went in a recycling bag. When we got to the couch I saw that the springs had caved in. That's why he put the papers on top of it.

I said, "Do you like the couch, or can we let it go?"

He said, "Really, we can let it go?"

I said, "Yes, if you'd like to."

He said, "We'll, what do we do with it?"

I said, "Let's put it out on the front sidewalk and see how quickly someone comes by and picks it up."

He liked that idea. We carried it outside to the sidewalk. We came back inside. His living space was already feeling better. It's amazing how letting go of one piece of heavy duty clutter can make a difference. He was inspired and wanted to continue with the rest of his space.

We went through the papers on the floor. Most of them were tossed. It seems that most stuff left out on the floor or on furniture is trash. I'm there to help the person complete the clutters' journey.

We carried four big recycling bags of trash outside. Coming back in we noticed that someone had come by and picked up the couch. It had taken a little over an hour. My client looked relieved. He knew that its days of possessing his place were over.