Setting Up Your Own System

I'm a reminder to take an honest look at your stuff. The decision whether to keep or toss something is up to you. There are organizing books out there that give you systems by which to set up your office, closet, or other areas of your living space. But when you stop and take look around, you see what's not working, and as you remove these things, it begins to become obvious what will work best for you. You set up a natural system for you.

I worked with a client last weekend in her living room closet. That area of her home agitated her. Instead of starting in the closet I asked her about the coat rack outside her closet. I sensed something was off. She said she hated it. I had her take the coats off of the rack and then immediately take it out to the alley behind her home. People drive down alleys looking for furniture people have let go of. The great thing was it was out of her home and no longer had a negative effect on her.

We then went through the coats from the rack and inside her closet. Half of them she said she didn't wear or like anymore. They'd outlived their use. She put them in a charity pile. Then she told me that she doesn't like the lamp just outside the closet. I ask her where she'd like it. She said her office. She then put it in her office.

While we were in there I saw that the office closet look disordered. There were a bunch of record albums stuffed into the top area. I asked her about them. She laughed. There was a feeling of recognition that it was clutter and there was relief. She said she was letting them go. She didn't listen to them anymore. They meant something to her when she was a teenager, but it was no longer currency in her life. Meaning they didn't have value to her now. She brought them out to her car.

We continued clutter busting the office closet until it was in a way that worked for her. We went back to the living closet and worked with it until it only had in it the things that mattered to her. She was happy. She found ways to fix her home that served her life.