Taking Care of Business

Yesterday I worked in a client's office. He has a very successful business. However he is always behind in getting things done that can be done now. It's become a habit for him. A habit is something we do and we get so used to it that we don't see the other options. It is clutter because it reduces our opportunities.

My client showed me all the things he had to get done. His negative emotions were on high. He looked pale and agitated. His breathing was constricted. His voice was stressed. I said, "Let's do them, right now." He stopped complaining. There was an 'oh-yeahness' that took over. That's the feeling of being present. That's what comes from knowing what's needed in the moment and doing it.

He went to work. He paid bills, he sent emails, he made a few calls, he filed papers, and he tossed papers he didn't need. There was a strength and certainty about him. He'd stepped out of his habit. I said, "This feels pretty good." He said, "Yes, I like feeling like this." I said, "This is a normal feeling for you. It's within your nature to do this regularly. The previous way of doing things was clutter because it didn't serve you. It was constantly in the way. This is simpler and it leaves you feeling good."