Taking Care of Yourself

A lot of my clients ask me if they're my worst client. They really mean it. They feel embarrassed to have someone see them when they are feeling lost in their own space.

We often try hard to look like we have it together. Most of us want other's approval. We get a sense that if others like us and what we do, then we'll be okay. The thing I found though is that most people are concerned with how others see and feel about them, not how they feel and see about others. Which means that no one notices. Which means the one person to live for is yourself.

That's why I ask, "Do you like this?" I want to know what my clients care about. I want to help them to live in an environment that feeds and nourishes them.

I write in my blogs about my client's clutter busting experiences. I want you to see how people who lived unhappily amongst their clutter were able to make new decisions that involve and invoke their happiness. They were able to make some changes that allowed them to feel good about coming home again. This can start to be your life by thinking, "What's important to me in my environment, and what isn't? What do I like, and what don't I like?"