Clearing Inner Space

Today I worked with a client in his home studio. He's a musician. He kept talking about the negative ways he saw things. He had a lot of himself invested in this view point.

I said that it was interesting talking with him because I didn't see any of those problems he was mentioning. He's got a beautiful home, a wonderful family, a great creative life, and plenty of money. I said that it seems like he has a meter in him that looks for disasters, and it colors things differently than as they actually are. I pointed out how I saw the good parts of his life. I stated it matter of factly.

He was silent. He actually seemed quieter on the inside. With this quietness came a greater clarity. We didn't need to talk about the problems anymore. That was inner clutter that had been in his way. Sometimes we use that way of thinking to protect ourselves against a phantom possibility of a problem happening. But as he had seen, it didn't help.

This new perspective that came with a clutter busted inner space allowed us to do a good clutter busting on his outer space.