Breathing Space

Yesterday I worked with a client in her home. She had a dining room table that she didn't use. It was a relic from her old marriage. It made her feel sad and tired. But she was stuck because she didn't want to let it go. She was frustrated.

We talked and she revealed that she felt badly about asking for the divorce. She said it wasn't a good relationship, but she felt guilty for hurting her ex. I said that she was probably hanging onto the dining room table as a punishment to herself. Kind of like she gave herself a sentence for committing a crime. I said, "Guilt makes us feel badly on top of already feeling badly. If it helped I'd recommend it. But it keeps you down in the hole. It would be great to have you out in the light."

She agreed to let it go. She decided not to replace it with anything right away. She wanted to wait and see what felt right for the space. That was a great way of approaching it. She had the intuitive sense to let the item go so she could start feeling better right away. When she has more clarity, she will know. She gave herself breathing space.