Here's an email message from someone who has been reading my book, "Clutter Busting: Letting Go of What's Holding You Back":

"I was reading your book the other night and was so inspired that I went into my office, turned on the computer, saved five important emails and DELETED 150+ others--ZAP!
I have three aol addresses and only one email now. It feels soooo nice. I keep batting them away like flies."

Email is a common form of clutter for many people. I speak with clients who dread checking their email because of the backlog of email messages waiting for them. Plus there's the email they have read, but have not yet responded to. And then there are the email that have been answered or don't need a response that have yet to be deleted.

I sit down at the computer with some of my clients and go through their email accounts with them. I either have them respond to the email and then delete it. Or I have them delete emails that don't need a response. As with other kinds of clutter, there is apprehension in approaching the email. But once they start, the process gives my clients the momentum to finish.

One of my recent clients was so overwhelmed by her email clutter that she wouldn't sit down with me at her computer. I started the process. I asked her about particular emails. She told me I could delete them. After a few minutes she couldn't help but sit down and take over the process herself. When we were done she was astonished at how easy the process was. She wondered why she couldn't start it herself. I said it didn't matter. What was important was that she did it and she felt better.