How to Love Your Space

Your living space has an immediate effect on you. The things you place in your space touch you. There's no dividing line between you and your things. Because your home or office is intimate to you, it's of great value to you to inquire what's there. When you take a close look, you see if what's there nourishes or inhibits. It's worth checking out because you can do something in this moment to make your life better.

I had some of my art work on my walls for a few months. When I put it up it up it felt enlivening to me. Yesterday I took a new look. I didn't notice the art anymore. It didn't make me feel good. I took it down. I got out some paper and pastels and created a new work. It felt great to put it together. It's up on my wall now. I love looking at it. I feel like I have a brand new apartment. It feels like fresh air.