Inspiring Clutter Busting Stories

People are writing about how they've read my book and been inspired to clutter bust. I'd like to share some of them with you:

"It's a little gem of a book, wow! I actually had to put the book down, go to my basement and gather up all of the fabric I had stashed about, box it up and take it that very day to a friend whose young daughter is starting to sew. I had some of that fabric 22 years! I even went and took all of the pictures off of my bedroom wall and dropped them by the Goodwill drop off that day. I didn't like any of the pictures and I swear I breathe better in there now. I now have all three of our trashcans full and I am far from finished. It's like I've had some kind of breakthrough, I finally found a way that makes sense to me to let the rest of this stuff go."

"In just two weeks I have rid myself of a truck full of old electronics, computers, and junk in a local e-waste recycler, 10 huge bags of recyclables, and 20 cardboard boxes. I have a lot to go and can't wait to get back to it. I now feel great about the evolution of my home as a peaceful place to spend time with the family. I never knew what agitated me so much in the past, now I do. Finally, I have stopped spending money on things that I now realize have no long-term value and would probably end up junk. The money on the book has paid for itself hundreds of times over already. This book has my highest recommendation! "

"When I read your book I could relate to your comments about having unwanted thoughts being the same as other forms of clutter and they also need to be purged. However, I thought to myself that this is easier said than putting into practice as one is not dealing with physical "stuff." I thought about this form of clutter and could relate it to when I wake during the night I have constant difficulty falling back asleep due to unwanted worry-thoughts. It frequently takes 1-2 hours to regain my sleep and subsequently I wake in the morning all fatigued. This has been repeated for many years; in other words an ingrained habit pattern.

So, I thought how I could possibly apply your comments to my situation. Here is what I did and it has worked 100% of the time, every time, without fail, foolproof, bet the farm on it: When I wake and do not immediately fall back to sleep, I just say (in my mind) the word (mantra) "clutter" once, maybe twice and it is, to use the metaphorical, like a strong blanket enveloping me, and my mind immediately calms down and before I know it the alarm goes of hours later. Don't ask how I stumbled on this technique. My subconscious had been working on how to apply this ever since I read your book and just said one night that this is what to do. So I did it and the proof of the pudding ."