Jump Start

For a lot of my clutter busting clients I'm a jump start. They are overwhelmed and stuck. I show up with enthusiasm and a knowingness that things will be okay very soon. I ask questions so they start thinking for themselves again.

I spoke with one of my clients on the phone tonight. I was checking to see how she was doing since we last worked together a month ago. At that time she was depressed and her place was cluttered with paper. She was complaining about all the things that were going wrong in her life. I asked questions about each piece of paper. Pretty soon her discriminating faculties took over and she was making decisions on her own.

She said that after I left she continued the work on her own. She was brimming with confidence. I joked that I'm a plumber and I dissolve clogs. She said that she feels things won't get bad in her place again. She learned a valuable skill.

Reading these blogs and my clutter busting book and starting the clutter busting process on your own is liquid plumber for your clutter busting clogs.