"Let's Take Care of It"

One of my clients was trying to figure out why she had clutter. She said, "I can't believe I let it get this bad. Why did I do this? I shouldn't have let it get this messy. Why would I do this?"

I said, "Why questions are impossible to answer. You can't know everything that led you up to this moment. And even if you do come up with answers, they won't help you take care of this situation right now. The main thing is you're in pain. Let's take care of it. Let's see what we can let go of now so you can feel better."

I do this for myself. The other day I was in my closet and I was aware that I had clothes that I no longer wore. I felt some attachment because I remembered how much I used to like them. The attachment felt a little like confusion. But I knew I wouldn't wear them again. I wanted to feel better and I let go of the clothes. I got some new things for myself last night. They fit good and feel good to wear. I like keeping the things in my living space fresh.