Taking A Different Approach

I was talking with a radio interviewer yesterday and he told me that he has lots of CDs and DVDs in his home that are still in the wrapper. He feels compelled to buy them when he's in the store. He said he felt badly that he did that. A few days ago he was at the DVD rental store and they had a when you rent two you get two free DVDs. He rented the four and then felt badly that he over did it. He was down on himself about his need to acquire.

I said, "First, kindness goes a long way. It's not your fault that you want these things. We are compelled to want things based on all the advertising we are assaulted with everyday. Marketing makes us feel that being as we are isn't enough. Ads say 'you are less until you get this thing.' We get tricked into thinking that something will make us happy. The thing is, as you are experiencing, things don't do it. They give a temporary quick fix. Then it's gone and you feel empty. It's great that you noticed this effect. You can feel good about that right now. Maybe when you go home tonight you can take a new look at your place. You can notice the things you bought when you were feeling insecure and you can gather them into a bag and bring them to a charity in the morning. The great thing is you will start to feel better. You'll get the feeling you were searching for when you were frantically acquiring. "