Taking a Look at the Things You Don't Notice

A recent client had hundreds of CDs. They were in their jewel boxes. These were in plastic holders. The holders were in boxes. There were three containers holding these CDs. I asked if she listened to the CDs. She said no. She said she found herself most happy listening to one particular radio station. I asked her if we could donate the CDs to a charity. She agreed. She seemed relieved.

A lot of things go unnoticed in our homes. Because we don't use them, we don't notice they aren't part of our lives. Perhaps today you can have an exploring eye and see what you can find in your life that you don't use anymore. When you find these things, ask yourself if you can let them go.

I did this the other day with the songs on my itunes. I found songs that I used to listen to but don't care for anymore. I deleted them. I felt lighter.