Tangible Space

I'll be in the Chicago area working with clients from today (April 22) until June 7th. If you or someone you know lives in the Chicago area and would like to be clutter busted, email me at brooks@clutterbusting.com

While I was working in LA last week I thought a lot about the importance of space in a person's home or office. When I first arrive for a clutter busting session, the client is stressed. At the end of the session, and the clutter has been removed, the client is feeling peaceful. Nothing was added and they feel better. But in a way, space has been added. Space is not normally noticed. But when unnecessary things are removed, space comes to the forefront. The space has a presence and it's calming.

When you clutter bust your home or work area, notice the addition of space. See how it makes you feel. Noticing helps you preserve the open space.