What Agitates and What Nourishes

I was trying to plan a trip to New York City to promote my Clutter Busting book. I was having really good luck in other cities setting up events. But NYC was not flowing in anyway. I noticed I was getting frustrated. It was a loud and uncomfortable feeling and it was interfering with the other parts of my life and things I enjoyed doing. Then I thought about how some things agitate and some things nourish. That’s a good description of what’s clutter and what’s not. I dropped the NYC trip.

I felt great and the other parts of my life blossomed. I remembered how clutter busting is an investigative tool in our lives. With the measurement of an intuitive feel, we sense what fits and what doesn’t. I’ve been signing my book with the note, “Thanks for being open to letting go.” The openness is the valuable link.