Becoming Right Sided

When I was a kid I never cleaned up my room. I left my clothes and Mad magazines on the floor. Records were strewn about. My mom used to yell at me to clean up my room, but that made me want to leave it the way it was.

I went to college and brought my messy room with me. But then one day I took an art class and my professor talked about the importance of having a clean work space. He said that the space itself would be an invitation for new ideas to show up. It was a super ah-ha moment for me. I understood. I knew that was my way to enjoy a creative life.

I cleaned up my dorm room and adopted the simpler way of living. Over time I found that it made it easier for me to be flexible to change. Plus it made me calmer. I enjoyed relaxing in my space. I began to help my friends let go of the excess in their space. They would feel more peaceful too.

I remember one friend who had papers and junk piled up all over his room. He was constantly in an agitated state of mind. His mind was on a complaining loop. One day I started to ask him questions about the things in the piles. Because I was naturally curious, he was open to the process. He quickly went from a furious mind to a solution mind. He agreed many times over that he didn't need the things I was finding. He would toss them right away in the trash. He became right sided. His state of mind was superb!