Brand New Fresh Experiences

I got an email from someone who's reading my book. She's a writer. She wrote about the many journals of writing that she was holding onto. They were filled with old ideas that once meant a lot to her. She wrote later that she decided to let go of a majority of the old writing. As a result she was experiencing much more energy and with it a lot of brand new fresh ideas that had her very excited.

A lot of the things we hold onto in our lives get in our way. They have a stagnant quality that makes us feel lethargic. The funny thing is we believe they will bring us benefit, but often that's because of the memories that we associate with those things. But it's the flow of the creative inspiration that brings us joy. There's vitality in the new and fresh things that come to us in the moment. It energizes us. It's not the memory of vitalness, but the actual energy of vitality itself. As clutter busting becomes part of our life, living this way becomes our focus.