Car Clutter Bust

I was working with a client in his living room. He began to complain about his cluttered car. We went outside to his car. We started with the trunk. There were newspapers, junk mail, empty boxes, and old clothes. It all went into the trash bag. We looked under the seats in the car. There were torn books, broken CDs, old food, half drunk water bottles and map quest print outs. Those went into the trash too. The back seat was layered with dirty clothes, letters to be mailed, broken empty CD jewel boxes, empty plastic bags, some paper with things written on it that made no sense to him, some pens, and a map. We separated out the letters. He brought the clothes inside the house and put them in the washer.The rest of the stuff he wasn't using so we tossed it. The glove compartment had many old map quest directions, and maps he wasn't using, old gooey food in a sandwich bag, and the owner's manual for his car. We kept the manual and other stuff went.

I had him drive the car to a car wash. They cleaned the inside and out. He was happy. He told me he had been driving with the clutter in his car for years. He never thought to do what we did today. He was beaming.