The Cat Goes

I was working with a guy who had a cat. He didn't enjoy having the cat in his home. I asked him about it. He said the cat belonged to his ex-girlfriend. He and his ex used to live together until they broke up over six months ago. She asked if he could hang onto the cat for a little bit while she took the time to set up her new life. He agreed. He asked her about the cat a month later and she got angry at him, so he stopped asking. He was afraid of disappointing her.

I said, "This is your home. Your ex doesn't live here anymore. You get to make all the decisions of what you keep and what you let go of. Do you like taking care of the cat?"

He said, "No, not at all. I'm allergic to cats."

I said, "Okay, call your girlfriend now and let her know that you're giving her cat back."

He looked timid and small. He said, "I know, but she's, well, she's not -"

I said, "I know, but I looked all over your place and I saw that she doesn't live here, and you do. And if you don't take care of your life, no one else will."

He called her on his cell phone. He told her he was giving her cat back to her. She said she wasn't ready. He got strong and said he would bring it to her place that day. She responded to his resolve and gave him her address. He hung up. His inner conflict was gone. He took care of himself.