Moving Foward

Today I helped someone prepare for a move. We went through all the clothes in her closets and dresser drawers. I held up one piece at a time and asked if she still liked wearing that item, or could we let it go. I told her to only bring things to her new home that make her feel fresh and alive. She let go of over half her clothes. She felt good about her decisions. We continued this process through the rest of her things.

Moving is an amazing experience. When I help clients clutter bust for a move they are often more focused and ready to let things go. There is a sense of shedding their old life and moving into their new life. They can feel the power of change. They are moving with the momentum that comes with the experience.

Imagine that you are moving tomorrow. Take a look around at your living space. Is there anything that you don't want to take with you? What are your eyes pulled towards that says, "This is no longer a part of my life, I don't want to take this with me on my new life." What says, "Old me, not new me!" That thing is clutter. This is a great opportunity to remove this thing from your life. You aren't actually moving tomorrow, but you are moving forward in your life.