Seeing What's in the Way and Removing It

I started working with a new client a few weeks ago. She was sad in her home. She seemed like she was in slow motion. The clutter in her home and in her life was affecting her functioning. She told me when she got home from work she didn't want to do anything. She watched TV and surfed the Internet and before she knew it, it was after midnight.

She had a pretty good job that paid a lot of money. But when she talked about it, I could hear her life escaping down the drain. Her words were in monotone with no inflection.

Then she mentioned that she had been approached about a job in Colorado. It was like the light was turned on in a cave. The color returned to her face. She looked plugged in. Then she went back to talking about her current job. The light was shut off again. I told her what I saw. She wasn't aware of it. I had her talk about Colorado some more. She came back to life. There was vitality in her words. I said it felt like perfect health. She laughed. She was starting to see.

We went through the clutter piles in her place. Her discriminating faculties were on high. She tossed a lot of things. We talked more about the job opportunity. She recognized its value for her. She saw how her life in her current city and her job were no longer serving her. They hadn't for a long while. She was excited about the solution.

I came back the following week to work with her. She accepted the job in Colorado. She told her current boss that she's leaving her job. This time around we let go of a lot more clutter and we began to pack the things that meant something to her. She saw what she liked and what she didn't and she did something about it. She was excited to be living her new life.