Taking It Easier

Wires get tangled together. When you try and pull them apart, they get tangled more tightly. This might make you pull more aggressively. Eventually you give up in frustration.

Clutter in your living space are things tangled together. You feel overwhelmed and you go into the clutter busting frustrated. That inner irritation makes the process difficult and you don't have the patience and you give up.

You start again another time. This time there's kindness. You see the clutter and you know you want to resolve it so you can feel better. You understand that it might take a little time and you might not get it done in one sitting. You figure, "I'll just go through one piece at a time." You pick up the first piece and you ask, "Do I really need this or can I let it go?" You decide to let it go. You notice it feels good. There's a sense of relief. It makes you want to look at the next piece.