What's Relevant to You?

I worked with a client today in his home office. He worked with computers. He had boxes and boxes of electronics cords. The boxes were piled on top of each other. They had the look that they'd been there for a long while.

I took down one box at a time. I handed my client a cord and asked him if he needed it for the work he did or if we could let it go. It turns out 75% of the wires were of no use to him. They were at one time. But their relevance to what he was doing now was gone. Like most people, he got very busy with his life and the things that were no longer being used were on the periphery of his attention. Because of this he didn't think to ask these questions himself. We continued the clutter busting process on his computer instructional books, computer software and personal papers. The majority of that was outdated and he let it go.

When we were done, I told him that in the same way he mows his lawn regularly, he can mow the clutter in his work space.