Awareness of What Supports or Drains Us

At a recent clutter bust, one of the first things my client said was, "What do you do with old love letters?" There was an urgency and pain in her voice and presence that made it clear that the letters were clutter for her.

I asked about them. She said they were from a guy she dated three years ago. She felt that he wasn't honest in their relationship. I told her about how she came across as out of sorts when she opened up about the letters. Suddenly her demeanor changed. She seemed distant. She started saying how she wanted to keep the letters so she could publish them as a book. She said they were art. Her voice had lost its vulnerability. It looked like the lights had been turned off in her. Her heart wasn't into it. The clutter had a strong hold on her. I told her what I saw and heard. She became present again. I said when we think about a particular thing, we are aware of the effect it has on us. We see that it either supports us or drains us.

She understood. She tossed the letters. She looked tall and strong.